Started by students from Parkland FL, Empower the People is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, student-led organization, increasing youth awareness and engagement in our government and society.

What we do

We work with youth across the country, both in the classroom and community, to apply civic education to enacting social change. Through our voter registration and civic engagement programs, we actively work with 10,000-50,000 students per semester to implement youth-led projects and initiatives that positively impact their community.

Our Programs

We partner with student leaders from around the world and top organizations to equip students with the tools to raise awareness, pursue policy change, and galvanize youth within their local communities.

Summer CAP

Partnering with Constitutional rights Foundation, Summer CAP is a specialized summer program for students designed to provide a safe and productive space for passionate students to grow their leadership skills, develop their ideas, and elevate their Civic Action Projects (CAP) to the next level. 

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Our Partnerships

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